Newcombe Road Sand


To ensure our impact on the environment is minimal, Newcombe Road Sand will be designed with the latest monitoring technology and equipment.

Ecological restoration

We’re going to restore and enhance approximately 12.5 ha of habitat alongside the Karāpiro stream to help improve the environment by planting native plants and controlling weeds over the resource consent period.

Water Monitoring

Stormwater run-off is expected to be minimal, it will be captured and held in treatment ponds for processing before it is returned to the stream. We will monitor water quality closely to meet the standards set out in the resource consent. At the completion of each quarrying stage, the land will be rehabilitated and returned back to pasture for farming.

Landscape buffer

A 3-metre-high bund will be planted with native plants to create a buffer between the quarry, Newcombe Road, and most of our neighbours. The bund and native forest will also separate the quarry from the Karāpiro stream.

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